Meet Ashley Grinonneau-Denton, Ph.D., Board Certified AASECT Sex Therapist and Sex Therapist/Sex Counselor Supervisor, PCC-S, IMFT-S, AAMFT Approved Supervisor

I am a genuine, direct, and dedicated therapist interested in helping to guide you in finding personal fulfillment and happiness in the relationships in your life.  I work from an integrative family systems, client-centered approach to therapy. I am not the "smile and nod" type of therapist as I believe wholeheartedly that neutrality will only go so far in the therapy arena. I believe in operating in a manner that is respectful yet gets to the core of the presenting concerns at hand. 

Whether the challenges you are facing pertain to your relationship with yourself, your partner, and/or friends and family members, my uniquely provocative approach is designed to help you traverse life's most complex challenges.  It is my personal and professional philosophy that life's challenges are best navigated by facing the storms of life head on.  If you are looking for a candid, multiculturally-sensitive, LGBTQIA friendly, and down-to-earth therapist, you have come to the right place.

I am dually licensed as a Supervising Professional Clinical Counselor (PCC-S) and a Independent Marriage and Family Therapist (IMFT) who has earned the AAMFT Approved Supervision Designation.  I am also a nationally certified Sex Therapist and a Certified Supervisor of aspiring sex therapists and counselors through AASECT. I also have a deep passion for training new therapists (particularly those who are interested in treating sexual issues and/or beginning their journey in private practice).   

I have extensive training in individual, relationship-based, and sex therapy approaches and treat a wide variety of clinical concerns. I specialize in treating sexual health concerns with a particular focus on couples' issues in both monogamous and multi-partnered relationships , including sexual dysfunction in both men and women, sexuality and disability, sexuality and aging, paraphilias, sexual abuse and trauma, sexual fetishism, postpartum difficulties, sexually compulsive behaviors across the lifespan, pelvic pain, infertility, infidelity, gender identity exploration.  I am a LGBTQIA friendly therapist and I am open to working with individuals from all walks of life, races, spiritual/religious affiliations, and cultural identities. I have treated a variety of clinical concerns including general anxiety and depression, relationship difficulties, co-parenting in the face of divorce, adolescents grappling with gender identity, grief and loss, abuse and trauma, maternal and paternal depression, self-esteem and body image concerns, as well as ways to gain assertiveness and self-empowerment in many areas of life.  

Meet R. Brian Denton, Psy.D, Psychologist 

I pride myself in being genuine in my care for the clients I work with.  I value working within a framework of multicultural awareness, and feel strongly that individuals should be afforded the courtesy to understand the context of their background and world view.  I am relationship focused, and incorporate a variety of empirically supported approaches in working with the difficulties that occur in people's lives.  In particular, I have a strong emphasis on mindfulness-based and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy interventions in combination with proven strategies and interventions from Sex Therapy practice approaches.  

I have spent my career working with individuals along the lifespan, and currently work mostly with late adolescent to adult clients.  I work with many different concerns that present in the mental health and sexual health areas of an individual's lives.  I have particular focus in working with individuals who have experienced trauma in their lives, and for those that fall within the LGBTQIA+ spectrum.  

I am licensed as a Psychologist in Ohio, and have experience both in working as a clinician and as an administrator in a non-profit mental health center.  I am passionate about improving the lives of my clients, and in training up and coming psychologists and mental health practitioners in their early careers.     

I have training in individual, relationship-based, and sex therapy approaches and treat a wide variety of clinical concerns. I specialize in treating sexual health concerns with a particular focus on couples' issues in both monogamous and multi-partnered relationships , including sexual dysfunction in men and women, paraphilia, sexual abuse and trauma, sexual fetish, sexually compulsive behaviors across the lifespan, gender identity exploration, anxiety related sexual dysfunction, and intimacy enhancement.  I am a LGBTQIA+ informed and friendly therapist and work with individuals from many cultural backgrounds.  


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