Additional Treatment Providers

Janelle Fye, M.S.Ed, PC, NCC

As a Licensed Professional Counselor with extensive training and experience working with couples and families, my goal is to work with you in developing a deeper understanding of who you are and support you through the journey. My passion and specialty is working with individuals and couples struggling with relationship issues, intimacy, and sexual concerns. Are you doubting yourself, a partner's level of commitment, or contemplating leaving a relationship? Maybe you feel disconnected from others, are frustrated by an unsatisfying sex life, or you may even be single and tired of dating. If any of this resonates with you, I can help!

Currently, I am working toward a Ph. D in Counselor Education & Supervision, with a concentration in Marriage & Family Therapy. I specialize in working with clients of all ages and sexual orientations. I utilize a systemic, non-judgmental theoretical orientation & my style is characterized by warmth, empathy, humor, and a caring but direct approach.

Brenda Irwin, M.A., LPCC-S

“Do no harm”  As long as I have been counseling, this has been the motto I have lived by when meeting clients and as we proceed through the healing process.  I meet people with an open mind and an open heart, and I respect their rights of others to present their authentic selves.  People need time to feel comfortable in the counseling environment and I respect that need to develop a good therapeutic relationship.


I have been working as a counselor for the past several years and I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with Supervisory designation.  I am now working on obtaining my sex therapy certification.  This has been a goal of mine for many years and I am excited to be on this journey.  I see clients individually or with their partner(s), and am available to work with polyamorous groups to help facilitate healthier interactions within all parterns.  I work with a range of client’s in the LGBTQIA community, and my pronouns are She, Her and Hers and I identify as heterosexual. 

I have an interest is working with individuals and partners who are in the Kink community.  I am a member of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom and am a KAP (kink aware professional).  I love the people I have met who expressed a need for more Kink friendly therapists and I am hoping to be someone that the clients feel safe and calm when working with me. 

I am a counselor first and can work with individuals dealing with depression and anxiety as well as many other emotional concerns.  I have many years of working with clients with a variety of issues who need help growing into a healthier person.  I have worked with individuals trying to cope with the healing process from trauma and abuse. Abuse can be a very frightening topic to share with a counselor but with help, your life can change for the better.

As far as what type of counselor I am, I would say eclectic.  I have training in mindfulness, CBT, just to name two theories that are frequently used with clients.  I am more inclined to meet the patient where they are in their life.  I believe that walking into a therapists office can be scary, daunting.  The people who take the step are some of the bravest people I have met.  There is pain sometimes in the counseling process, but it can be healthy on the other side of the pain.

I look forward to working at the Ohio Center for Relationship and Sexual Health.  I’m here and am looking forward to meeting you.

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