Additional Treatment Providers

Xavier Spencer, Ms, IMFT-S, CST, LCDCIII

Many people struggle to address sexual functioning difficulties. If you are a person that values sexual response and pleasure, and have been experiencing sexual discomfort. Here's how I can help. As a research informed clinical expert in couples and family relationships and AASECT certified sex therapist. My clinical interest is providing sex therapy with individuals and couples to treat male and female sexual matters, sexual dysfunctions, sexual disorders, sexual orientation, sexual expression and gender identity issues. I'm committed to serving the spectrum of variations in human sexuality across the lifespan.

Over the course of the lifespan stress, trauma, anxiety, aging, medicine, negative interpersonal experiences and other factors can often impact a person's sexual response.

Sex therapy helps to unravel and overcome these challenges. I am here to help you achieve that desired level of sexual function and pleasure in your life.

Brittani Davis, MA, LPC, LCDCIII

I understand for many, it can be challenging to seek therapy. My goal as a counselor is to support and empower you as you allow me to assist in navigating through the challenges that arise while figuring out and redefining what you want for your life. Whether it is related to relationships, identity, or anything else, I hope you allow me to stand beside you and assist you with exploring it all, developing ways to cope, and moving through those tough situations.


My interests include working with individuals and those in partnered relationships with a desire to work through relationship issues, sexual concerns, gender and sexual identity, and problematic sexual behaviors.

I have extensive experience in mental health counseling, assisting those with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental health diagnoses and alcohol and drug treatment/counseling. My interest in all things relationship and sex therapy soared as I assisted clients with processing, reconnecting, and developing new healthy relationships with family, friends, or intimate partner(s) as they also worked to figure out recovery. It has been an incredible journey, and I believe all of my experiences have contributed to my ability and desire to assist you.

As a counselor, I realize how much all things sex, sexuality, and gender play a role in our lives and, even more so, how we do not always have the spaces to have those meaningful and pivotal conversations. Each time we meet, my goal is to offer you a shame-free, judgment-free space. I practice from a sex-positive, strengths-based framework and utilize various therapeutic interventions which are individualized depending on your needs. I believe in creating a comfortable, safe, empathic, and compassionate space so that you can resolve anything that interferes with being your most authentic self.

I look forward to meeting you!


Tesa Crews, MA, PC

For centuries, therapy has been taboo in many cultures and households. The stigma of weakness, brokenness, and being “less than“ have been touted as reasons not to share our inner most feelings. I believe one of my many callings is to assist those struggling with reversing the “what happens in this house stays in this house” mentality.

If we add a snake, apple and temptation, our problems can become magnified.  Sex should be enjoyable, however, depression, anxiety, self image, religious background, upbringing and abuses all play a huge role in how we perceive, engage in, and express ourselves sexually.

One of my ultimate goals is to provide a safe space to allow you to learn, grow, and love who you are. The journey begins now. You are  free to fly!

Jasmin Evans, MA


I am a counseling student In Kent State University’s Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling Program. I was raised and currently live in Northeast Ohio. I hold a Masters in the Art of Teaching from Trinity Washington University and found my way to counseling as a profession through my time as a teacher. The experiences one can have and the skills one can learn through counseling are things not often taught in school, but are incredibly important for everyday living. My approach to counseling depends greatly on what the client’s presenting needs and goals are. That is to say that each person will benefit from individualized treatment.


It is my goal, as a counselor, to create and maintain a safe space for people to come and work through their difficulties and develop skills that lead to resiliency. Sexuality and the issues associated with it are often issues that go unaddressed individually and in couples+. Sexual issues are often discussed in hushed tones, if they are discussed at all, but can deeply affect one’s view of themselves as well as their relationships with others. It is my practice to create the space to explore those issues in an open and honest way that leads to greater self-awareness and sexual satisfaction. I am a kink-aware, LGBTQ+ affirming counselor.


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