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Please feel free to send an e-mail message to the clinician you are interested in scheduling with or have questions for, or to call their direct number and leave a voicemail.  For Ashley or Brian, you can request an initial appointment as a new client through their HIPAA secure online portal listed below.


Ashley Grinonneau-Denton, Ph.D., PCC-S., IMFT-S, CST, CSTS contact information:


E-mail:  Dr.Ashley@ocrsh.org 

Phone/Voicemail:  (216) 200-7928


Scheduling: Ashley's Secure Portal

R. Brian Denton, Psy.D., Ph.D. contact information:


E-mail: Dr.Brian@ocrsh.org


Phone/Voicemail: (216) 307-4454

Scheduling: Brian's Secure Portal

Xavier Spencer, MS, MFT, IMFT-S, CST, LCDCIII

E-mail: clinician@xavier-spencer.com

Phone/Voicemail: (216) 270-6181

Scheduling: Xavier's Secure Portal    Xavier's Telehealth Link

Brittani Davis, MA, PC, LCDCIII

E-mail: Brittani@ocrsh.org  or  Brittanidcounseling@gmail.com

Phone/Voicemail: 216-245-9805

Scheduling: https://ocrsh.clientsecure.me

Tesa Crews, MA, PC

E-mail: Tesa@ocrsh.org

Scheduling: https://ocrsh.clientsecure.me

Jasmin Evans

E-mail: Jasmin@ocrsh.org

Scheduling: https://ocrsh.clientsecure.me

Elizabeth Wilson, CT, ACA

E-mail: Beth@ocrsh.org

Scheduling: https://ocrsh.clientsecure.me

Bria Brown, MS, PC

E-mail: Bria@ocrsh.org

Scheduling: https://ocrsh.clientsecure.me

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